Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Amazing woman & business...

Just wanted to share this amazing woman’s work with you – I came across her online and downloaded her free Blogging Biz Star Workbook, which is just fantastic. I've been so inspired by the work she does, that I've become an affiliate of hers - I'm that impressed with her! She’s offering up the most generous, powerful, inspired & transformational training resources - as a part of the Amazing Biz + Life Academy - for half price until the end of the month, so I really felt compelled to share it far and wide.

“Leonie Dawson is a mentor to women wanting to create + grow massively successful and heart-centered creative + soulful businesses. She is also an author, retreat leader, visual artist, mama and guide for the tens of thousands who receive her free “AMAZING BIZ + AMAZING LIFE” eZine each week. Leonie has taught alongside such luminaries as Arielle Ford, Julia Cameron, Gay Hendricks and SARK. Leonie has coached tens of thousands of women to create their own incredible lives and businesses”.

What really touched me about Leonie is her wonderful mix of humour, kindness, business savvy and honesty that she exudes with every email and interaction. If you’re a woman in business or you run a blog, I think this offer is incredible and well worth it. Hoping to be able to afford to do it myself before the price doubles! 

Let me know what you think…

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Tomato & Basil Pasta with (best ever!) Vegan Parmesan ‘Cheese’

This meal is so, so easy and quick (especially if you already have some of the vegan parmesan made and waiting in the fridge!). We are just loving this at the moment and I make it quite a lot (especially when I’m feeling lazy but want something nutritious and yummy!).

Spring is in the air here on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, so basil and tomato are a perfect combo right now. And it always reminds me that sometimes the simplest things are the most amazing.

Ingredients - serves 2 with 1 serve leftover for lunch :)
I      1 large punnet of grape tomatoes (or 2 large tomatoes)
I      ½ bunch of basil
I      4 – 5 cloves of garlic (to your taste)
I      250 g pasta (I swap between penne & spaghetti)
I      A  couple of tablespoons of olive oil
I      Salt & pepper to taste
I      Rocket to serve

For the Vegan Parmesan Cheese 
(makes enough for several meals – store in refrigerator)

I      About a cup of walnuts
I      About half a cup of pine nuts
I      About half a cup of nutritional yeast
I      1 tablespoon of flavourless coconut oil (or olive oil)
I      Big pinch of salt


1.    Before you do anything else, dry roast the walnuts in a frying pan for a couple of minutes, then add the pine nuts. Brown slightly and put aside to cool.
2.    Chop up the tomato, basil & garlic. (in the photo, the tomatoes were left whole, but I learnt that it’s better to chop them, 'cause they pop when you mash them if they’re whole, and can splat up at you - rookie mistake!!).
3.    Put some water on to boil for the pasta (I usually boil the kettle first and add to the pan – saves time). Add the pasta and cook to packet directions.
4.    Heat the olive oil on medium and add the tomato, basil & garlic. Stir well and allow to cook for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
5.    While the tomato mix is cooking, add the nuts and the nutritional yeast to your food processor and pulse (stirring occasionally) to a fine ‘powder’. Add the salt and oil and pulse again. The mixture will be quite salty, but that’s how it’s meant to be. Cut down on the salt if you like.
6.    When the tomato mix has been cooking for a 5-10 minutes, mash gently with a potato masher (don’t allow it to squirt up at you!) until most of the tomato is broken up. Add salt & pepper to taste. Drain the pasta and add to the tomato mixture and mix well.
Serve with some rocket (or salad) and a really good sprinkle of the ‘parma’. And a glass of red doesn’t go astray either. Enjoy!

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